Tactical Stomach

A Present from Green_Glutton

Original Post

Rose was playing against an opponent online, on her computer then all of a sudden, Witchy sneaks up behind her and eats her whole, destroying her computer in the process. To bad becoming a meal isn’t her only problem. She has to worry about PC repairs and the match she just lost. The opponent was Greenery. Conspiracy!?


A Trip to The Mall Pg 2

FINALLY! The second page of “A Trip to The Mall”

This was finally able to become a reality all thanks to JanusofthePaleFlames

It’s been so long since I started this, heck a year ago in fact!

But anywho, thank you JanusofthePaleFlames for commissioning this! I hope you all enjoy this and I’m sorry you all had to wait so long, but for those of you who have been anticipating this, thanks for sticking around to finally see it.


Game Time Final

The final part to “Game Time” with Rose and Rich playing a game of Uno. Rose gets her butt kicked and being the sore loser she is… well… you know where I’m going with this.

Rehulk and Tyler are in the last panel.

Rehulk belongs to Rehulk
Rich belongs to PoorRichGal
Tyler belongs to blackgoblin-668
Rose belongs to Me
Socky belongs to Green-Glutton


Everyone Loves Rosie

A commission for solidzesnake over on deviantART of Rose being webbed up by his OCs Lissandra and Dridra.

Rose looks mildly annoyed due to the surprise attack from the dynamic duo.

Lissandra and Dridra belong to solidzesnake

Rose belongs to me

This is my first DID work, and if I had to guess, I think I did pretty well for the first time ^^ Let me know what you all think.