And This Is Why We Can’t Go Places!

A gift to me from bigbig

I have permission to post it here from the artist!

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Upon seeing this picture I started laughing quite a bit! This is probably one of the most accurate pictures I’ve ever seen of Rose and Tyler! bigbig did a wonderful job with both characters’ personalities, I honestly don’t think I’ve seen them represented so well! It’s quite impressive!

Apparently Rose saw bigbig and wanted to take his shoes, and well… she was very hungry too! Now Tyler has to drag Rose home before people notice… though it may be a bit too late for that! XD

But anywho, thank you so much bigbig! I love it!


Android Maid Comic

This is a commission for Smiley of his character Android Maid sucking up a random male character I created and then started calling “Douche Bro”. He has such girly legs… He skipped leg day apparently XD

Anywho, thank you again for commissioning me Smiley, it was a pleasure :3