So, I have a lot of things to go over in this post about Patreon! Feel free to check out the updates here:

Firstly, I want to let everyone know that we’re now accepting Paypal as a payment option. I’ve chosen to do this as there are many people who have brought to my attention that they would like to pledge, however paypal was not available. We hope this will make our Patreon accessible to more people so they too can join in on the benefits and help us to reach our goals, opening up new Goal Tiers for us all to benefit from!

Second, I want to address the way I will start posting the content I have promised to you all.

Each month I will be compiling the HD Unwatermarked Versions, .PSD Files, and etc and I will package them all into Zip folders and email them each month to the Patrons. (I am also looking into an option of getting the things posted on a password protected page on my site in which I will release the password to people each month, and of course to limit pages, each quarter I will compile all posts into one big folder and release the passwords to those as well, just to keep things from becoming too cluttered on the site)

Third, I have added in a new prize for all tiers. Comic pages for “Adventures of Rose and Co.” I want this Patreon to do more than just help push me to be able to create more art, I want it to help back something bigger! That something will be the continuation of my old “Diaries of A Hungry Rose” only with a new take and turning them into comic strips. I may even decide to turn my previous “Diaries of A Hungry Rose” into a comic and continue writing it if we can get enough pledges!

Lastly, I have done visual updates to Patreon, Eka’s Portal, and The Official VoraciousRose Website. So be sure to check those out and tell me how you like the new layouts!

Anywho, sorry for the wall of text you guys, just wanted to give the updates to those who are interested!

Thank you guys for reading!

Love and Hugs,


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