October Stream Schedule


I’ve posted my streaming schedule on my website for this month. I would have done so sooner had I not ended up with a buttload of stuff hitting me at the beginning of the month.
Of course with current conditions, all dates and times are open to change if something were to happen (with my family situation and whatnot) but as of right now this is the set in stone stuff.

And yes as you can see I do have end times. And once it is time for me to end the stream I will be doing so as soon as possible. I will try my best to gauge my time and not take any commissions I know will dump me far past my ending time.
I know I normally just stream till I’m done, but I really need to stop this, not only is it making my sleep schedule all crazy but it’s also making me feel so very disorganized. On nights I stream super late I end up not getting some other important things done, and that’s not good (like eating, showering, doing chores, etc.)

So to try to organize my life and balance my work and ‘free time’ I’m just going to establish an end time and see how things go.

Also as some of you can see I have a Private Stream for my Patrons on Patreon. The day before Halloween I will be having a Private Patrons Only Stream where I will be drawing one giant Halloween picture of my characters and 1 OC from each Patron (Patrons with pledges $50+ will be allowed 2 OCs)! Your character(s) will be drawn in a costume of your choice in a group picture. And before anyone asks THIS WILL NOT BE A PRIVATE DRAWING so if you don’t want your character shared with the world, don’t ask me to draw them.
(Also note that if you pull a dick move and become a patron just to get into the stream and get a free drawing then cancel your pledge… I can and will ban you from ALL streams in the future as well as remove you as a patron every time you try to pledge. Seriously… just don’t be a dick okay? I run these sorts of things for the people who actually care, if you’ve just in it for free art work, be patient and wait for a request stream at least then you aren’t forced to have a Halloween Themed piece of art.)

Thank you guys for reading and I hope to see you all there!

Love and Hugs,

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