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Code to paste: dZpkUkQ

A lot of stuff happens over there!
VoraciousRose’s Den is a fun, safe, and friendly environment for anyone no matter your interests/kinks/fetishes. And with that being said this is a very NSFW group, considering how random the main group can be.
The group is 18+
If you are below 18 years of age, you will be subject to instant banning until you become of age.

I also share life updates here as well, and am usually on a few times a day to chat with people.

The group offers lots of channels, including RP channels for those interested, as well as music, art, event, anime, youtube, and meme share chats.

Our group is ever growing and suggestions to improve the group are always welcome! (There’s a chat for suggestions as well!)

And if you’re a Patron you can get instant access to all content in the monthly .zip files, so no more waiting till the month ends!

I hope to see you all there!

Love and Hugs,

Did I mention pictures of my cat? He’s cute and fluffy and hoarding his face all to myself is a sin, so I share a lot about him. Even if he is a tiny asshole.

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