Finally Got Updates

So I’ve finally gotten updates about the rest of my family. And while it’s not super awesome news, it’s still rather good news… or at least I think so?

My grandpa is out of the hospital. He’s now at home but he’s on oxygen permanently, has a catheter, and has to use a walker around the home and a wheelchair when out and about. He’s also┬álost too much weight so now he has to eat a whole lot to try to get back up to where they want him. My grandma says he has color back in his face and he’s looking a lot better than before he went in. Unfortunately he does have cancer, they are still screening him to find out what kind of cancer it is. Hopefully we will know soon and get treatment started.

My grandma is also out of the hospital but she’s in a nursing home for some occupational and physical therapy. She’s very confused and really doesn’t want to do therapy, she just wants to go home (she has Alzheimer’s and is in the middle stages which is why she’s having so much trouble with all this) Her leg is still swollen and is still getting worse though, but hopefully they’ll be able to find something to start treating it very soon.

I know all of this doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods yet and I’m afraid that even with treatment my grandpa may not last too much longer. My grandma seems to be putting up a pretty good fight still though, and her body may continue on but her mind is slipping rather rapidly from what I’ve been told.

Also I have decided not to attend the funeral for my Father’s Girlfriend’s Mother. It’s not that I don’t want to be there, I just don’t want to put myself in that place again until I 100% need to. The family understands my choice and is completely alright with it. They know I cared very deeply for my Adopted Grandmother (for a lack of better titles) and that it’s probably best for my own mental state if I sit this sort of stuff out.

Thank you to everyone who has read these past few journals and has given their good wishes and prayers to myself and my family. We all greatly appreciate your kindness. And thank you all for being patient with me. While I have been attempting to work on commissions it seems as though life has a nasty habit of pelting me with difficult situations. I will need time to heal from this, but I am by no means planning on going on a hiatus or ignoring attempts to communicate with me. Being alone is probably the last thing I need right now, I get more than enough alone time when trying to sleep too much more than that and I may throw myself back into a dark place, which is the last thing any of us want. Thankfully a lot of you guys, my room mates, my family, my friends, and my boyfriend is helping to keep me distracted as well as listening to me and comforting me when needed. So thank you all who have eagerly messaged me to ensure I am alright, I greatly appreciate your concern and I’ll try to keep up with any messages I get along the line so.

Thank you again…

Love and Hugs,


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