Commission List


  1. Status: 4/8 Panels Sketched – Sneaky Succubus! for crazyasianfan (Cell Shaded Comic)
  2. Status: Pose Planning – PikaRose and Bright for Bright (Cell Shaded 2pg Comic)
  3. Status: Sketch – Jennifer and Alice for puck5 (Cell Shaded Comic)
  4. Status: Paid – Private for UmbranRobo (Private Sketch Comic)
  5. Status: Pose Planning – Umiriko and Rikku for Umiriko (Soft Shade Comic)
  6. Status: PaidUmiriko and Karyn for Umiriko (Soft Shade Comic)
  7. Status: PaidUmiriko and Qian for Umiriko (Soft Shade Comic)*
  8. Status: Pose Planning – Tiny Rose and Rachel in Boobs for ManiacalToaster (Flat Color Picture)
  9. Status: Paid – Tiny Rose and Ashley for ManiacalToaster (Sketch Comic)
  10. Status: Paid – Tiny Rose and Aeila for ManiacalToaster (Sketch Comic)
  11. Status: Paid – Elissa and Thorn Comic for Raigekink (10 Panel Sketch Flat Color Comic)
  12. Status: Paid – Kassie Puking Starina for Raigekink (Cel Shade Picture)
  13. Status: Paid – Lilina, Hikari, and Haruna for SagashiIndustries (Flat Color Picture)
  14. Status: Paid – Haruko’s Post Rose Belly for Anon (Flat Color Picture)
  15. Status: Paid – Ariel and Nikki for Anon (Flat Color Picture)
  16. Status: Paid – M, Robyn and Nikki for Anon (Flat Color Sketch Comic)
  17. Status: Paid – Electra and Darkness Cosplay for Raigekink (Soft Shade Picture)
  18. Status: Paid – Rose and Ludash Meet for SolidScale (2 Inked Pictures)
  19. Status: Paid – Angel Gryph and Rose for Angelissa (Soft Shade Picture)
  20. Status: Paid – Bright and Angel for Bright (Flat Color Sketched Picture)
  21. Status: Paid – Sergeant Amanda Varsson for Zephyr42 (Cel Shade Ref Sheet Picture)
  22. Status: Paid – Granity vs Angelissa for HeroSoulSword (Flat Color Picture)
  23. Status: Paid – Neo, Juvia, Courtney, Robyn, and Nikki for Anon (Inked Cel Shade Color Picture)*
  24. Status: Paid – Rose and Gilly vs Raru for Magnus (Inked Soft Shade Picture)
  25. Status: Paid – Kassie Meets Celestia Ludenberg  for Crufl (Inked Soft Shade Comic)
  26. Status: Paid – Kassie Meets Ibuki  for Crufl (Inked Soft Shade Comic)
  27. Status: Paid – Retasu Midorikawa for CC (Inked Soft Shade Picture)
  28. Status: Paid – Private for TheOneWhoSketches (Inked Flat Color Picture)
  29. Status: Paid – Shantae and Tuki for dark2samus3/Violet-Scales (Inked Soft Shade Picture)
  30. Status: Paid – Sara and Vela for Sara (Inked Soft Shade Picture)
  31. Status: Paid – Allen, Rave, and Muki for Allen (Inked Flat Color Picture)
  32. Status: Paid – Zelda and Link for Noobrat (Inked CelShade Picture)
  33. Status: Paid – Monster Hunter for YorhaQT (Flat Color Sketched Comic)
  34. Status: Paid – Jamie and Astolfo for Dragoonprince32 (Inked Soft Shade Picture)
  35. Status: Paid – Rose and Psy for Psy (Sketch Flat Colored Comic)
  36. Status: Paid – Thorn’s Meal for Hunt Master (Ink Flat Colored Comic)
  37. Status: Paid – Haruka and Sakura for plazmamaster (Flat Colored Sketch)
  38. Status: Paid – Jay Ref for DragoonPrince (Sketch Flat Color)
  39. Status: Paid – Jamie and Astolfo for Crufl (Sketch Cel Shaded)
  40. Status: Paid – Ibuku  Lewds for Crufl (Ink and Color of Pre-Made Sketch)
  41. Status: Paid – Jamie and Astolfo for DragoonPrince (Sketch Cel Shaded)
  42. Status: Paid – Micro Rose and Ruby Shoelace Shibari for Raigekink(Sketch Flat Color)
  43. Status: Sketch – OC for NobleIntentions (Inked Colored and Soft Shaded Picture)
  44. Status: Paid – ? for Crufl (Sketch 2 Versions)
  45. Status: Paid – Kassie and Callahan for Raigekink (Sketch Flat Color)

Other Projects

  1. YCH #35 – Inked – InternIsla – INK
  2. YCH #35 – Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – psychowolvesbane19 – INK
  3. YCH #34 – Flat Colored Sketch – Arta01 – COLOR
  4. YCH #34 – Colored and Cel Shaded Sketch – Knightmare-Moon – SKETCH
  5. YCH #35 – Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – Kat624
  6. Double Dildo YCH –  Flat Color Sketch (Add Thorn) – Raigekink
  7. Double Dildo YCH –  Flat Color Sketch Kassie, Rose, and Thorn – Raigekink
  8. AV/UB #1 YCH – 2 Characters Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – darkness4991
  9. YCH #34 (With internal) – 2 Characters Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – TotallyRandom
  10. Internal YCH – Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – Gulped
  11. YCH #24 – Flat Colored Sketch – ConsumptionZ
  12. YCH #24 – Colored and Cel Shaded Sketch – TheLulzDK
  13. YCH #34 – Flat Colored Sketch – TheLulzDK
  14. AV/UB #3 YCH – #1 Character Slot – Flat Colored Sketch – The LulzDK
  15. AV/UB YCH #1 – 2 Characters Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – BindingBeacon
  16. AV/UB #2 YCH – 2 Characters Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – kalas6545
  17. AV/UB #2 YCH – 2 Characters Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – DHelleman
  18. Kassie YCH – Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – psychowolvesbane19
  19. Internal YCH – Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – psychowolvesbane19
  20. AV/UB #2 – Sketch Flat Color – Taris
  21. AV/UB #2 – Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – Millinia
  22. AV/UB #3 – Inked, Colored, and Cel Shaded – Millinia
  23. AV/UB #1 – Inked Flat Colored – Maxmax
  24. AV/UB #2 – Inked Flat Colored – Maxmax
  25. AV/UB #3 – Inked Flat Colored – Maxmax
  26. YCH #34 – Flat Colored Sketch – Robertruler77
  27. YCH #24 – Flat Color Sketch – ErikaKerp
  28. YCH #35 – Colored and Cel Shaded Sketch – Heartless
  29. YCH AV/UB – Inked, Colored, and Soft Shaded – Crufl
  30. YCH #24 – Inked – NNN4463
  31. YCH #21 – Inked – NNN4463
  32. YCH #18 – Inked – NNN4463
  33. YCH #23 – Inked – NNN4463


  1. Succubus X Kasumi – Pose Planning – Crazyasianfan4 (Inked Colored Cel Shade Comic)
  2. Succubus Music Lover – Pose Planning – Crazyasianfan4 (Inked Colored Cel Shade Picture)
  3. Lafua and baby Essen – Pose Planning – A0IISA (Sketch Picture)
  4. Stuffed Belly Diane – Pose Planning – HNM124 (Inked Colored Cel Shade Picture)
  5. Rose and Gillian Swimsuit Shopping – Pose Planning – Patreon (Flat Colored Sketch)
  6. Iskra Pranks Rose Aftermath – Pose Planning – Patreon (Flat Colored Sketch)
  7. Free DrawPose Planning – Raigekink (Soft Shade Picture)
  8. Drunken FaiaPose Planning – Raigekink (Soft Shade Picture)

Kego Icons/Headshots

  1. Regular Cheerful Gilly for Magnus
  2. Hug Happy Gilly for Magnus
  3. Giddy Gilly for Magnus
  4. Lick Incoming for Magnus
  5. Doctor Modo for StormyRange
  6. Emmi for StormyRange
  7. Let’s Smile for StormyRange
  8. Leon for StormyRange
  9. Paper Poker for Poker
  10. Unamused Charice for Crufl
  11. Confused/Aroused Kaya for Crufl
  12. Angry Mistress Noises for Seiruno
  13. Angry Submissive Noises for Seiruno
  14. Angry Inflatable Noises for Seiruno
  15. Balloon Girl Tummy Shot for Seiruno
  16. Drawing for Noobrat
  17. Relaxed Sheep Boy for Alex
  18. Elf Girl for Alex
  19. Florian Girl for Alex
  20. Pokemon Go Girl for Alex
  21. ??? for Alex
  22. Kitty Headpat for Stiff
  23. Squirtoria for Stiff
  24. Xiana Lip Licking for NiceGuy18
  25. Xiana Seducing for NiceGuy18
  26. Xiana Caring Smile for NiceGuy18
  27. Angry Noises Icon – ConsumptionZ
  28. Regular Icon – ConsumptionZ

Commission Steps Explained

All things listed below are the exact order in which I work. Please refer to this before asking questions about the stage of your commission.

  1. Unpaid – You have talked with me about a commission and have given me an exact date when you plan to pay. You will be put on the list but if you fail to pay within a week of the day you said you’d pay, you will be removed from the list and will not be readded until you have paid. I will not begin on your piece until payment has been received.
  2. 1/2 Paid – Half of your commission’s payment has been received and you have been added to the list, I will work on your commission up to the amount you have given me, once you have given me the remainder of your payment, I will complete whatever is left.
  3. Paid – Your commission has been 100% paid for and I am working my way down my list to your commission. Please be patient.
  4. Pose Planning – Where I work on a very rough and un-detailed sketch of your commission, I’m honestly just drawing out the poses of the characters and how they will be interacting with each other/the surroundings.
  5. Sketch – Where I add the details of your commission (Ex. Hair, clothes, facial expression) and get it ready for you to approve.
  6. Awaiting Approval – I have sent you the finished sketch for you to look over and let me know of small changed if needed. You must approve of the sketch before I can move on, please keep in mind that changes should not be major changes made to the commission! It should be things like fixing the characters hair or clothes if I managed to draw it incorrectly. I try to encourage not changing the poses too much as if you have a specific pose, you should inform me before I start the commission so I don’t spend 3 hours drawing a picture for you to want the entire thing redrawn an entirely different way.
  7. Ink – I begin the clean linework of your commission.
  8. Color – I begin the flat base colors of your commission.
  9. Shading – I begin the shading portion of your commission.
  10. Background – If you asked for full backgrounds on your commission.