Commission List


  1. Status: Sketch– Rose, Tyler, RichGirl, and Rehulk for Rehulk (Flat Color Picture)
  2. Status: 4/8 Panels Sketched – Sneaky Succubus! for crazyasianfan (Cell Shaded Comic)
  3. Status: Sketch – Jill The Babysitter 4 for paogordo (Flat Color Comic)
  4. Status: Pose Planning – PikaRose and Bright for Bright (Cell Shaded 2pg Comic)
  5. Status: Sketch – Jennifer and Alice for puck5 (Cell Shaded Comic)
  6. Status: Paid – Private for UmbranRobo (Private Sketch Comic)
  7. Status: Paid Irma CDG for Noobrat (7 Pose Flat Color Pictures)*
  8. Status: Pose Planning – Umiriko and Rikku for Umiriko (Soft Shade Comic)
  9. Status: PaidUmiriko and Karyn for Umiriko (Soft Shade Comic)*
  10. Status: PaidUmiriko and Qian for Umiriko (Soft Shade Comic)*
  11. Status: Pose Planning – Jessica’s Drain Mishap for U162 (Ink 8 Panel Comic)*
  12. Status: Paid – Ross Cum Chugging for FRossR (Soft Shade Picture)*
  13. Status: Pose Planning – Angel and Tiny Rose for MeniacalToaster (Sketch Picture)
  14. Status: Pose Planning – Tiny Rose and Rachel’s First Time Nommed for ManiacalToaster (Sketch Picture)
  15. Status: Pose Planning – Tiny Rose and Rachel in Boobs for ManiacalToaster (Flat Color Picture)
  16. Status: Paid – Tiny Rose and Ashley for ManiacalToaster (Sketch Comic)
  17. Status: Paid – Tiny Rose and Aeila for ManiacalToaster (Sketch Comic)
  18. Status: Paid – Elissa and Thorn Comic for Raigekink (10 Panel Sketch Flat Color Comic)
  19. Status: Paid – Kassie Aftermath for Raigekink (Cel Shade Picture)
  20. Status: Paid – Lilina, Hikari, and Haruna for SagashiIndustries (Flat Color Picture)
  21. Status: Paid – Haruko’s Post Rose Belly for Anon (Flat Color Picture)
  22. Status: Paid – Ariel and Nikki for Anon (Flat Color Picture)*
  23. Status: Paid – M, Robyn and Nikki for Anon (Flat Color Sketch Comic)*
  24. Status: Paid – Electra and Darkness Cosplay for Raigekink (Soft Shade Picture)
  25. Status: Paid – Rose and Ludash Meet for SolidScale (2 Inked Pictures)
  26. Status: Paid – Angel Gryph and Rose for Angelissa (Soft Shade Picture)
  27. Status: Paid – Bright and Angel for Bright (Flat Color Sketched Picture)
  28. Status: Paid – Sergeant Amanda Varsson for Zephyr42 (Cel Shade Ref Sheet Picture)*
  29. Status: Paid – Granity vs Angelissa for HeroSoulSword (Flat Color Picture)
  30. Status: Paid – Neo, Juvia, Courtney, Robyn, and Nikki for Anon (Inked Cel Shade Color Picture)*
  31. Status: Paid – Rose and Gilly vs Raru for Magnus (Inked Soft Shade Picture)
  32. Status: Paid – Kassie Meets Celestia Ludenberg  for Crufl (Inked Soft Shade Comic)
  33. Status: Paid – Kassie Meets Ibuki  for Crufl (Inked Soft Shade Comic)
  34. Status: Paid – Retasu Midorikawa for CC (Inked Soft Shade Picture)*
  35. Status: Paid – Private for TheOneWhoSketches (Inked Flat Color Picture)*
  36. Status: Paid – Shantae and Tuki for dark2samus3/Violet-Scales (Inked Soft Shade Picture)*
  37. Status: Paid – Sara and Vela for Sara (Inked Soft Shade Picture)*
  38. Status: Paid – Rin for HereforeVORE (Inked NO COLOR Soft Shade Picture)
  39. Status: Paid – Allen, Rave, and Muki for Allen (Inked Flat Color Picture)*
  40. Status: Paid – Zelda and Link for Noobrat (Inked CelShade Picture)
  41. Status: Paid – Monster Hunter for YorhaQT (Flat Color Sketched Comic)
  42. Status: Paid – Jamie and Astolfo for Dragoonprince32 (Inked Soft Shade Picture)
  43. Status: Paid – Rose and Psy for Psy (Sketch Flat Colored Comic)

Other Projects

  1. Rose and Lil’ Anthro Ashley – Pose Planning – Ashley_Urikoshima (Inked Colored Cel Shade Picture)
  2. Succubus X Kasumi – Pose Planning – Crazyasianfan4 (Inked Colored Cel Shade Comic)
  3. Succubus Music Lover – Pose Planning – Crazyasianfan4 (Inked Colored Cel Shade Picture)
  4. Lafua and baby Essen – Pose Planning – A0IISA (Sketch Picture)
  5. Stuffed Belly Diane – Pose Planning – HNM124 (Inked Colored Cel Shade Picture)
  6. Rose and Gillian Swimsuit Shopping – Pose Planning – Patreon (Flat Colored Sketch)
  7. Iskra Pranks Rose Aftermath – Pose Planning – Patreon (Flat Colored Sketch)
  8. Free DrawPose Planning – Raigekink (Soft Shade Picture)
  9. Drunken FaiaPose Planning – Raigekink (Soft Shade Picture)


  1. AV/UB YCH – Sketch – CrazyAsianFan (Sketch Flats)
  2. Double Stuffing YCH – Paid – CrazyAsianFan (Sketch Flats)
  3. Double Stuffing YCH V2 – Paid – Raigekink (Sketch Flats)

Commission Steps Explained

All things listed below are the exact order in which I work. Please refer to this before asking questions about the stage of your commission.

  1. Unpaid – You have talked with me about a commission and have given me an exact date when you plan to pay. You will be put on the list but if you fail to pay within a week of the day you said you’d pay, you will be removed from the list and will not be readded until you have paid. I will not begin on your piece until payment has been received.
  2. 1/2 Paid – Half of your commission’s payment has been received and you have been added to the list, I will work on your commission up to the amount you have given me, once you have given me the remainder of your payment, I will complete whatever is left.
  3. Paid – Your commission has been 100% paid for and I am working my way down my list to your commission. Please be patient.
  4. Pose Planning – Where I work on a very rough and un-detailed sketch of your commission, I’m honestly just drawing out the poses of the characters and how they will be interacting with each other/the surroundings.
  5. Sketch – Where I add the details of your commission (Ex. Hair, clothes, facial expression) and get it ready for you to approve.
  6. Awaiting Approval – I have sent you the finished sketch for you to look over and let me know of small changed if needed. You must approve of the sketch before I can move on, please keep in mind that changes should not be major changes made to the commission! It should be things like fixing the characters hair or clothes if I managed to draw it incorrectly. I try to encourage not changing the poses too much as if you have a specific pose, you should inform me before I start the commission so I don’t spend 3 hours drawing a picture for you to want the entire thing redrawn an entirely different way.
  7. Ink – I begin the clean linework of your commission.
  8. Color – I begin the flat base colors of your commission.
  9. Shading – I begin the shading portion of your commission.
  10. Background – If you asked for full backgrounds on your commission.