Important Updates

Hey everyone,

So as most of you already know, my sister has been having a lot of trouble with her kidney stone. Unfortunately it still hasn’t passed and is giving her a lot of trouble still.
She called me today and told me she’s going to be coming to get me Thursday night so I can take her to her surgery appointment on Friday morning.
They will be putting her under and zapping her to break up the kidney stone and after the surgery they will have to keep her for a few hours to make sure everything went good. So with any luck she’ll be coming home Friday night. I’ll be staying with her until Saturday or possibly Sunday, it all depends on when she’s feeling well enough to drive me back home.

I’m hoping that all goes well with her and that it’s a fast and easy procedure so I can come back home and get back to work.
I’ve been working as much as my damned tablet will allow as it has been acting up quite a bit recently. The port where the wire plugs into the tablet is broken or something because I have to fiddle with the wire and jiggle shit around until it finally decides to do its job (Before everyone starts suggesting fixes, I have tried a new wire on it, I’ve plugged it into different usb ports on my computer, and the batteries in my pen are just fine). I honestly just need to start looking for a replacement as this guy is pretty old anyway, (it was given to me secondhand by my room mate when my last tablet started to derp out) I’m just not very sure which tablets are good, I don’t want to end up buying a tablet that is a piece of crap, especially since I’d really like to lean toward a Wacom this time but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get one or not due to how much they cost.

I just hope everything works out alright with my sister right now. I know this isn’t a major surgery or anything, but I still worry. I’ve been feeling more stress lately, but I have to try to stay calm, I don’t want to get any sicker than I already am.

I hope you all are doing good and that you all are healthy (weather is changing here, so I have some sinus problems at the moment DX still hoping it will go away soon!)

Also, I’m not very religious, but my sister is so for those of you who would be willing, please keep my sister in your prayers and everyone else, please wish her the best of luck.

Love and Hugs,

The Loss of Loved Ones to Depression (In Memory of Daniel Kyre)

Hey everyone,

So I actually wanted to take a moment to talk about something that is very close to home for me. For those of you who watch Markiplier or the Cyndago team, you all probably are away of the passing of Daniel Kyre. While I did not know Daniel personally I did follow him on youtube and such. When finding out about his passing I was rather upset, not only for his passing but also for the impact he left on the other members of Cyndago and Markiplier.

So why is this so important to me? Because I too struggle with depression and in past years I had attempted suicide a number of times but somehow managed to pull through and have managed to recover quite a bit in the past year. While I didn’t go through with suicide, I did lose my Grandmother the day before my birthday in 2014… She committed suicide after taking a bunch of prescription pain killers (some that actually didn’t even belong to her).

This hit my family rather hard, but me even harder. To think of how easily she was able to give everything up, how one of the strongest people in my life just left everything behind without a second thought… It’s something that even after all I’ve been through, I can’t really muster up the strength to let myself go.

I know that suicide is something that hits a family very hard and I would like to make a post to try to help with Markiplier’s fund raiser to help Daniel’s family with medical expensive and funeral costs. Because right now, they shouldn’t have to worry about those things, they should be together as a family and trying to help each other through the tragedy that has just been thrown at them.

You can view Markiplier’s video above. And for anyone who is able and willing, please donate toward the cause. I know when my Grandmother passed, the family spent more time worrying about the money for her funeral and such than being together and working through this rough patch.

You can donate here:

All proceeds go to Daniel Kyre’s family to help with medical bills and funeral costs.

For anyone who donates, thank you… I hope you understand just how much your support will mean to Daniel’s family and how wonderful you are for your kindness. I hope this post can raise a little more awareness and that more people are able to help, even if to spread the word.

Thank you guys.

Love and Hugs,


Holy crap!

I HAVE A WEBSITE! Wow! Guys I never imagined ever getting a website of my very own… BUT HERE IT IS!
I’ve been working on this bad boy for the past few days trying to get it all set up and looking snazzy (Thank goodness I remember some HTML, it came in handy in the past few days :<)

Well I guess I should go ahead and let everyone know how I plan to run things now that I have a website!
First and foremost, this website will NOT BY ANY MEANS mean I’m leaving DA, Eka’s, FA, HF, ect! I will still have those accounts and I will still be uploading all my work to those sites!
So why do I have this site then? Well I do plan to find a way to upload my gallery here. I am also going to be using this for my commission information (Instead of having a wall of text on all my art sites, I can now post a few short links!) I will also be using this as a personal blog for the less important updates in my life, along with keeping an updated monthly schedule, and updated commission list.
Overall, I think this website is going to help me to remove a lot of the scrambling around to be sure I’ve posted updates and such to all my art sites.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I really hope you all enjoy the website and I hope you guys find it helpful!
Thanks for reading!

Love and Hugs,