A Change To Drive-Thru Streams Rules and Sketch Stream Rules

Hey guys,

It has come to my attention that my Drive-Thru streams have been a little slower than usual, and I’m normally drawing for the same people each stream. So I’ve thought up a way to combat that, since I know there are a lot more people wanting Drive-Thru orders, but can’t get them due to the same people lurking in the streams and snatching up the spots as soon as I begin. I’ve come to realize this is very unfair, especially since I now give myself a schedule that I stick by.

With that being said, you can read the changes below. This is how things will be handled for a little, at least until we figure out if this is going to work out well and give me more time/slots for you guys!

  1. From now on, if you had a Drive-Thru commission done during the last stream, you will have to wait till others get a chance to get a slot first. Since there are a limited amount of slots in high demand, this is really the only way I can try to make it fair for everyone as much as possible.
  2. Drive-Thru drawings will no longer be inked, instead they will be clean sketches. This will save on time so that I can have more slots during the stream to get around to more people.
  3. Prices will be CHEAPER! Since I’ll be cutting out the inking option and cutting out the inking step of all Drive-Thru commission they will all be cheaper since I don’t have to spend such a huge amount of time doing the inking.

Let me know what you guys think about it. I hope these ideas will work out so that I can cater to more people and hopefully have a good number of people leaving the stream with a piece of art they will enjoy!

Now that I’ve gone through those new changes I’d also like to put into writing a rule for all streams that went unspoken up until now.

As you all know I don’t take payment for the stream commission until it is your turn in the stream. With that being said, BE PRESENT IN THE STREAM. I’ve had trouble with so many people leaving and not answering me when I’m trying to contact them for their turn. If you’re not going to be present at least till it’s your turn, don’t take a slot. It’s fine to tab off and look around the web and play video games and such (I mean, I’m not your boss, so do as you will) but please pay attention to your messages on DA, Eka’s, FurAffinity (or wherever you messaged me at about your commission) or at least pay attention to the stream.
From now on there will be no “Oh I’ll give them 10 more minutes” *10 minutes pass* “Oh I’ll give them 5 more”. If you don’t answer promptly, you will be removed from the list and your slot will be open for another to take. I do this out of fairness to everyone else, nobody wants to wait around for 30 minutes while the next person in line is goofing off elsewhere.

So please, if you sign up for a slot, pay attention and be ready to pay for your slot. Please, not just for me but for your fellow watchers.


Other than the above updates, I hope you all are doing well and are having a good time leading up to the holidays.

Thank you all for reading,

Love and hugs,


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